You can become involved through various volunteer opportunities at The Hope Center.

Volunteer Your Time
We want all volunteers with a willing attitude to help in an area that works best with their schedules to provide a mutually-satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding experience for all. People can give of their time by volunteering in all sorts of ways: providing transportation, working at the center, providing childcare and mentoring clients. There are lots of opportunities to help! We'll find something that matches your skill set or time commitment options.

  1. Office Staff: The Hope Center volunteer will be present at The Hope Center during their designated shift. Volunteer duties will consist of, but are not limited to, answering the phone, providing information, making appointments, scheduling riders or childcare, and communicating with coordinators regarding client needs. Volunteers will have a basic knowledge of computers and answering machines. Volunteers must complete training and attend periodic meetings.
  2. General Volunteer: The Hope Center volunteer would be available for general activities such as painting, maintenance, help with fundraisers, cleaning, etc. A general volunteer would be contacted for specific projects needing assistance.
  3. Church Liaison: The Hope Center volunteer belongs to a WELS congregation and acts as a liaison between The Hope Center and their church. This volunteer would help relay pertinent information about The Hope Center and assist with distribution of materials to their church body.
  4. Drivers: The Hope Center volunteer drivers will use their own vehicles to transport clients to and/or from appointments or other destinations. The Hope Center office staff will contact volunteer drivers with client transportation requests. At the scheduled time, drivers will pick up the client and drive him/her to their destination. Volunteers must complete training, meet minimum car insurance requirements, and attend periodic meetings. Car seats will be required to be provided and installed by clients.

The Hope Center requests all volunteers to be at least 18 years or older.

The Hope Center also appreciates prayers to our Gracious God on our behalf.